better late than never.

The first order of this day is to remind you all about steel bridge 2017,  which I am in the throes of preparing for as I leave tomorrow morning. I will spend the week in a hotel collaborating with other songwriters in what is quickly becoming a tradition of working for whatever change* we can. After we’ve scrambled to finish recording all of our new songs, the festival begins on Thursday, June 8. This night of the festival is always free, as a thanks to the city for hosting us. There are several other free events, too– but the passes for the weekend are super cheap, and get you into all the sweet shows you can handle. Check the schedule out here. This will be a really great time, I promise. Please come see me there. Oh! and my full band is coming up for the show && WORK is gonna play a set on Saturday, June 10. More on that later! For now, you should focus on making plans to get up there.

Okay. Now that you’ve had a bit of news, I will make one small insistence:

Please read this, and other research papers, and consider what you can do to take a further step to protect the earth. Since our country’s leaders won’t even do the bare minimum to protect the planet, it is up to us to try to make up for it somehow. I wonder what the carbon footprint of not beheading Trump looks like.

OK! Great! Back to music:

I won a WAMI award? I don’t know what to say. Thank you. Say “thank you.” Thanks.

Oh! Um, now that I have some free time again, I’ve picked up this project with Rick Wood again. The one where he makes electronic music of and I sing Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album.

We call it SYNTHSTEEN. listen here!

I really have to pack now. Soon!



*in this context, the local political kind of change–but the fiscal interpretation often isn’t untrue of this lot