Not everybody makes it home, but nobody does alone



hopefiend is almost ready to follow up Mercy Hunt, my first full length solo project. (Need inspiration to buy? Listen to Mercy Hunt here.

I’ve had a lot of help along the way, which is a big part of what this record is about. For starters, I’d like to talk about the main event: the songs themselves.


1. PATRON SAINT OF THE WORKING POOR written at Dark Songs 2014 w/ Patrick Kelly and Troy Thierren

2. LION’S DEN written at SBSF 2014 with Charlie Cheney

3. SHINE ON, SHADOW written alone in 2012

4. RIDDLES THREE written at Dark Songs 2014 with The Uno Lady

5. APPLE TREE written alone in 2013

6. WAYFARIN STRANGER a traditional folksong, of unknown authorship

7. DEATH’S DOOR written at SBSF 2015 with Mike Wheeler & Bruce Reaves

8. PAPER AIRPLANES written with Charlie Cheney

9. TRACKMARKSTM written with Adam McKee

10. IF LOVE, THEN MERCY written at Love on Holiday 2015 with Tomcat Joe & Andrea Wittgens



after recording Mercy Hunt, I went home and wrote one song– Apple Tree, which is listed above. After that, getting the record released took over most of my free time, and writers block took over what was left. Six hellish months later, the record was pressed and I went to my first Steel Bridge. Collaborating crushed the stupid writer’s block–writing again made me feel like I could breathe again. I’ve written before about the magic of the events at The Holiday Music Motel, but words don’t really seem sufficient. This album is, in part, a tribute to the spirit of collaboration and the freedom I’ve found in working with other people. JOIN MY CULT OF SHARING AND FOLLOW THIS LINK TO PRE-ORDER HOPEFIEND!


just kidding, it’s not a cult.


thank you.


stay tuned for more of the story.

I love you.

good bye.