Some of y’all get awful religious in the face of these natural disasters– seeing prophecies where there were none before, looking for a way to convince the gods to spare you, looking for someone to blame.
Here’s a prophecy for ya: climate change. Who is the god at work? Mammon/greed, capitalism–is there also a god of willfull ignorance? If there is, I bet his name is Chad. Gods aside, we have empirical evidence that this is happening. Just like that eclipse that was predicted and occured exactly as predicted. Climate. Change. Is. Real. And it’s happening even when there are no immediate fires or floods pr hurricanes to see. It’s happening.
While the things that individuals can do to sustain the environment are generally good, they are not enough. Most of the destruction of the earth and her resources happens at the corporate and government level: look at a paper company’s waste output for an example. So what do we do? Go back to praying and wringing our hands?
We make them change. We make them change– we do it to save ourselves.
Stay safe, stay rational, stay good.