Written By Rabbits– an introduction to Colleen Hardy

I met Colleen a few years ago–I don’t remember exactly where. I think it took us awhile to warm up to each other, as can happen with two introverts. Once it happened, though, it’s burned strong since then: she’s one of the first people I call in a crisis, she’s my favorite person to take on a date when I have a cash windfall, and the work she does constantly commands my respect and reflection. Seriously, the woman is legit.

If you have a copy of Mercy Hunt, you’ve already seen some of her work on the inside cover.  I’d prattled of a few of the ideas I had about the record and sent her a couple tracks to listen to and she magically captured the mood and the message that I wanted Mercy Hunt to be:


Colleen did this with COLORED PENCIL and MARKER, you guys.


Besides doing commission projects for stressed out songwriters, Colleen’s personal projects are excellence embodied: check out her tarot series or these illustration printed leggings— or just dig through her whole etsy store.



As you can probably guess by this introduction, Colleen will once again be illustrating our concept-but-not-concept-secretly-concept-album. Now go check out her stuff and get really excited; I’ll post the finished work whenever it’s ready.




p.s.- and pre-order hopefiend so we can get printing.